What to Expect

  • We take care of girls who need a specific treatment plan for gynecological problems. Our experienced doctors work together with the patient’s family to address many medical conditions.
  • We work with the pediatrician and other pediatric subspecialists to find an appropriate care plan for your child. Our team approach to care allows for comprehensive medical and surgical treatment. Counselors are available as needed to help patients and their families with the emotional effects of their disorders.
  • Upon your arrival at the facility, you can expect to be greeted by our friendly reception staff, who will ask you to verify your name and date of birth, fill out your medical history, and provide insurance information.
  • During the visit, the doctor will discuss your child’s medical history and go over your records and radiologic films. The doctor does not always perform a pelvic examination. When a pelvic examination is necessary, you will have the option to stay in the examination room if you wish.